As our predator security force, we
breed Great Pyrenees dogs.  Having
hundreds of birds in our flocks,  we
have chosen the "PYRS" for 3 reasons:
Man's best friend - these dogs return
all of the love you give them and a lot
Extremely child protective and friendly.
They hate coyotes & bobcats and will
prove it without hesitation.  If a
predator or strange dog doesn't
belong on your farm, this breed will
not let them close.
Their health care is provided from
birth, by the one of the most
respected Vets in Kaufman County.
Daisy - adopted by a broadcaster
Daddy -  Buddy - checking out a
couple of his little girls
Brooklyn (on right) is now
guarding a convent and is a
school mascott in New Jersey.
(Mommy Missy in background)
Nap time under an oak